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I had a little stay-cation at the studio this week and worked on some purses and necklaces with new findings. Last year I made a necklace using some copper piping and macrame with the intention of making a few different shapes. I only every made one but I had a handful of copper pieces left and a love for those knots. I took this week as an opportunity to revisit that project and my growing pile of leather scraps. I probably spent more hours at the studio goofing around on these then on a regular week but time seemed to go by so quickly, I ended the week with a handful of successful shapes, callused hands from all the knots, one cut on my index finger and finished re-watching the first season of Arrested Development!

It was a rainy day when I took photos of these so I only have a few sneak peeks for now, I’ll take proper photos outside sometime this week (I have yet to learn how to use my fancy camera properly, for now I can only take nice photos on one setting in a certain kinda light!)

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